About Boston Planning Institute, Inc.

The Boston Planning Institute, Inc. was established in 2003 by Linda M. Haar, AICP. Linda began BPI after moving from a highly successful thirty-year career in urban and environmental planning, and then completing a Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Her primary work has been in the public sector, ultimately serving as Director of Planning and Economic Development for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. She brings a wide range of knowledge and experience in land use and environmental planning, urban design, zoning and other land use regulations, and economic development, and has been a frequent guest lecturer on these issues in the US and abroad. Linda received her A.B. in Urban Geography at Boston University, and a Master of Public Health at Harvard University School of Public Health.

A common thread woven through all of the work undertaken by the Boston Planning Institute is one of collaboration as a means of strengthening individual efforts. The nature of the structure of the Boston Planning Institute itself reflects this philosophy.

We are a small core team which collaborates with several other professionals including: a LEED certified architect specializing in “green” architecture; an environmental engineer; a biologist/environmental attorney; a writer; a professional fund raiser; an outdoor educator; and an urban planner. BPI also frequently partners directly with the Harbor Planning Group, Inc. (HPG) which brings a project team with over twenty years of construction expertise.

The BPI team also works closely with the Darwin Project, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. Linda and her husband Jonathan Haar established DPI, Inc. to promote environmental education and to create projects focused particularly on biodiversity (www.darwinboston.org)  and on renewable energy and global warming.

The Boston Planning Institute strives to create planning and development projects which are of benefit to our local and global community and environment.